Genesis Order of  Druids Portsmouth
Come and celebrate the Winter Solstice

Join us on Sunday July 30th at 2pm to celebrate the first harvest and the sacrifice of John Barleycorn
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Dates for future ceremonies (nearest convenient Sunday)

30th July ~
Lughnasadh ~ EVENT PAGE
24th September ~
Autumn Equinox ~ EVENT PAGE
29th October ~
Samhain ~ EVENT PAGE
17th December ~ 
Winter Solstice ~ EVENT PAGE

4th February 
~ Ostara ~
18th March
~ Spring Equinox ~
3rd May
~ Beltane ~
TBC June
~ Summer Solstice at Avebury

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Forthcoming Events
I will be giving the following talks/demos/workshops.

Wednesday July 12th - 7.30pm - Three Hares Moot - Ogham Talk - More Info TBA

- Use the Google map below to help you with directions to our grove -

Springtime at our Grove
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